Current Project:

I’m currently working on a series prequel novella for the new epic fantasy Spireworld series.

This is the first book in the series. The rest is planned to be a trilogy. All are set in the world of Spire, a massive world full of history, politics and magic.





As many of you know, I've been in love with fantasy for a long time. Ever since I can remember reading, really. I wanted to share my recent experience with converting my hand-drawn fantasy maps into digital format using Photoshop. This process has been part of my work...


Zero-Point Awakening Series

Prequel/Pilot, SIEGE – Available for FREE now by signing up to the ZZ Adams mailing list.

Episode One, SPLICE – Available for preorder on Amazon.

Episode Two, SHADOW WAR – April 1, 2021

Episode Three, ASCENSION – May 1, 2021

Episode Four, Mayday – June 1, 2021

Episode Five, Counterpunch – July 1, 2021

Spinoff Adventure, Super Time Tokyo Zombie Party – August 1, 2021

Episode Six, Beachhead – September 1, 2021

Episode Seven, Incursion – October 1, 2021

Episode Eight, Tyranny – November 1, 2021 (Series final)

Check out the latest release in this series — an entire box set! — below:


It's Got It All

Super spies. Super soldiers. Super hungry for a good kebab. Turtles! This series has it all. It’s hard to break it down without spoilers but I love the way it plays with various genres and blends them together (fantasy, science fiction, military fiction, a really good helping of great comedy). It reminds me a lot of how the MCU will have a lot of fun showing you a wizard talking to a guy in a mechanical super-suit next to his genetically spider-enhanced buddy and then all three doing cool fights with an alien.

While it’s definitely very busy with a lot of plot lines, it also takes the time for a good, strong twist here and there to keep the hooks really digging into you. And the books only get better as the series goes along. Sometimes you might stumble when they bring a side character back after quite a while and you have to remind yourself of who they are, but that wasn’t that often an issue for me.

Co-writing as ZZ ADAMS

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