This is the part where I tell you about myself in 3rd person as if a publicist had written the words following a grueling 17 hour interview. I’m a lawyer by training but I’ve been writing stories since primary school. My first memory of writing seriously was in early high school where a friend and I (Hi Jaime!) filled ream upon ream of blue-lined 3-hole punched foolscap paper with our best Michael Moorcock impersonation. I think Jaime ended up with those pages and I doubt they were any good, but what I do remember is how exciting it was to just sit down, collaborate and create. Wish I still had those pages. I remember parts of that story like it was yesterday. The rest is an impenetrable fog.

At around the same time, my parents bought our first PC. It was a tiny little thing, less powerful than the computer in our blender right now, but it had a word processor and boy, did it process some words. I’ve lost most of those now too, but some of it still remains lodged in cob-webbed memory in the depths (shallows?) of my brain. 

A Bit More About Me (Author Bio)

Meet Andrew J. Savage: An Australian-born, Japan-based connoisseur of chaos. If there’s a situation that can be described as “a bit tricky,” Andrew is likely in the middle of it – by choice, accident, or cosmic design.

In the sunburnt wilds of Australia, Andrew found himself on a first-name basis with crocodiles and learned that venomous spiders aren’t great conversation starters. After an impromptu summit with a hive of bees, he figured that Japan, the land of the rising sun, might offer more tranquil wildlife encounters.

As a lawyer, Andrew’s forte is being professionally argumentative, a skill that serves him well in law and in his second role as an author. In his world of science fiction and fantasy, his characters deal with problems he  thankfully doesn’t have – like alien invasions and grumpy dragons. But it’s the two-footed, human challenges at home, his wonderful wife and two  children, who keep him on his toes.

Rounding out the household is Max, a fluffy rescued German Shepherd-Shiba Inu mix, whose ability to sniff out trouble rivals Andrew’s own.

So, if Andrew’s not at work or writing, you’ll find him playing the guitar, or being outsmarted by Max. One thing’s for certain, there’s never a dull moment. A life less ordinary? You bet. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.