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I spent some time this morning setting up Mailerlite and creating some newsletters. Hopefully it will all be worthwhile and I will actually have some things to tell people about. We will see.

At the risk of setting up for future repetition, I suppose I can update on current projects.

1.** Master’s Known Munificence**: This remains not quite done. For those who have no idea what this is, it’s a fantasy novel that is currently at around 96,000 words with a POV character that is causing me issues. It’s going to need some significant work to get it into shape and I’m not quite ready to finish it (although I am feeling the magnetic pull which is a good sign.) I expect this will end up around 150k and be just thick enough to prop open a door (if needed) or knock out an unruly neighbor (again, if needed–hey, you never know).

  1. The Mask of White and Red: Honestly, I forget. I think it was off to a good start but I’d need to come back and read it through again and see if I can get a decent draft out of it. Lots of work yet to do.

  2. Secret Project #1: This is a collab novel project and the draft is complete. It’s a humorous SF novel–the first of a series–and I’m very pleased with how this draft has turned out. Watch this space for excerpts.

  3. Secret Project #2: This is book 2 of the collab novel series. I’m up to chapter 3. I need to complete that entire chapter today. Pretty sure I can do it. This thing is writing itself. The characters are fantastic and I’m really enjoying the process.

  4. Various Short Stories: There are too many of these to comment on individually but suffice it to say that I am going to have to whip myself in order to get these done. I have some longer pieces (novelette or novella length) that I should finish. When I get my act together I can write a bit more about some of these stories and the process of writing them here.

tl;dr Andrew needs to finish stuff.