Lots of people have blogs and lots of writers have blogs. This is mine. Although, I must confess not my first one. That one has been lost in the mists of internet time along with the first domain I ever bought (sadly, I failed to renew it and now it sits there like an abandoned car with its own squatting hobo on board).

In any case, this is going to be my blog. Not sure how often I will update it, but between this and Steemit there should be plenty of updates generally.

On to other matters. Writing. Writing and I share a love-hate relationship. I honestly love writing and hate it at the same time. Writing, on the other hand, is entirely disinterested in me. But when I can get its attention… Oh the feeling.

What annoys me about writing is probably the main thing that has stopped me being very good at it. It’s the grind. Writing, in my humble and generally uninformed opinion, is 90% grind, 5% creativity and inspiration and 50% grind (math is not my strong point). My goal this year is to suffer through the grind, enjoy the fun parts and get a novel draft completed. Still with me?

If so, welcome to the journey. It will be great to have you coming along for the ride.