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To Edit is Divine | 50 Word Story

“Did you even read this before you darkened my door with it?” The editor glared.

The humble writer blanched. “I can do better.”
“You’re giving us a bad name. This magazine is quality, dammit. We aren’t…bloggers.”
“Forgive me. I’ll edit. I promise.”
The editor nodded. “Then get to it.”

This is my entry for @jayna‘s awesome 50 Word Story Challenge this week. The prompt this week is “forgive.”


Image courtesy of pixabay.

Andrew J. Savage was born in Australia where they trained him as a lawyer and put him to work. After escaping the sand and the sea, he now lives in Japan with his wife and two children. If you look at him silhouetted against a bright light, you might see the hole in his heart where he says his dog should be.

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  1. Editing is definitely divine–and always necessary. Even bloggers with good sense learn to edit!

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