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Current Projects

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This is the writing website of Andrew J. Savage. I am posting all my writing-related thoughts, articles, short stories, and excerpts from novels here.

Thanks for stopping by and if you enjoy what I’m doing, please feel free to come back and check out my updates.

Current Novels/Novellas in Progress


Zero-Point Awakening Series

Prequel/Pilot, SIEGE – Available for FREE now by signing up to the ZZ Adams mailing list.

Episode One, SPLICE – Available for preorder on Amazon.

Episode Two, SHADOW WAR – April 1, 2021

Episode Three, ASCENSION – May 1, 2021

Episode Four, Mayday – June 1, 2021

Episode Five, Counterpunch – July 1, 2021

Spinoff Adventure, Super Time Tokyo Zombie Party – August 1, 2021

Episode Six, Beachhead – September 1, 2021

Episode Seven, Incursion – October 1, 2021

Episode Eight, Tyranny – November 1, 2021 (Series final)