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Current Projects


This is the writing website of AJSavage. I am posting all my writing-related thoughts, articles, weird postings on Steemit, short stories and excepts from novels here.

Thanks for stopping by and if you enjoy what I’m doing, please feel free to come back and check out my updates.

Current Novels/Novellas in Progress


The Cricket and the Chrysanthemum
81% Complete
4,055 of 5,000 words
A short SF story set in Japan in the future.

Master’s Known Munificence
117% Complete
17,491 of 15,000 words
This started as a short story but has become a novelette. I'm in the process of editing it.

The Mask of White and Red
48% Complete
12,000 of 25,000 words

Working Title - Old Dog, New Tricks - 1st Draft
7% Complete
7,431 of 100,000 words

Kings Bench

The Stray Gavel - 1st Draft
16% Complete
15,895 of 100,000 words