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Tears | 50 Word Short Story

Raising the fiction bar on Steemit one 50 word story at a time, @jayna has issued a new writing prompt for the 50 Word Story Challenge. I haven’t ever tried flash fiction at this length before, so I thought I’d give it a shot.  The latest prompt for the challenge  is: tear.

The rift drew closer to the station. A colossal tear in space-time, looming behind the final escape pod.

Inside, Jeffrey waved happily. Unaware, but so perfect.

She shuddered. “You fucking look after him, Tom.”

He nodded, buckling himself in.

With a final look at her baby, she sealed the hatch.

Tears | 50 Word Short Story

Tears | 50 Word Short Story


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  1. Wow, Zombie, this one is really great. So well done. How dare you complain about my apparent ease in spitting out microflash?

    I can’t do sci-fi. At all. Let alone do it in fifty words!


  2. Quite an intense piece. And terrifying. Love that you’ve packed such an emotional story into only 50 words. That it’s sci-fi is just a cherry on the top. (isn’t biased or anything, I swear)

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