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On writing

A collection of writing-related thoughts, tips and articles.

    • Hook, Line and Sinker — Story Openings (Part 2)

      In my last post on this topic ( Part1) we covered some of the basics of story openings or hooks. Going back to my opening line from The Mask of White and Red: Ilsa’s first memory was of fire. Something is clearly wrong when someone’s first memory is of fire. There’s… Read more…

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    • Baby in the Blender: How I Learned to Love Critique

      We all write for different reasons, but sometimes I think that deep down, I think part of the motivation for writing at all is that we want to be loved. Just a bit. Maybe that’s why we take it so hard when people point out the flaws in our writing.… Read more…

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    • Hook, Line and Sinker — Story Openings (Part 1)

      The Hook Distractions. The world is full of them. The modern world even more so. There are a thousand things a potential reader could be doing other than reading your story (or novel, or screenplay, etc.). Even a reader who is willing to cooperate--who has made the commitment to spend… Read more…

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