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Me talking about me

This is the part where I tell you about myself in 3rd person as if a publicist had written the words following a grueling 17 hour interview. I’m a lawyer by training but I’ve been writing stories since primary school. My first memory of writing seriously was in early high school where a friend and I (Hi Jaime!) filled ream upon ream of blue-lined 3-hole punched foolscap paper with our best Michael Moorcock impersonation. I think Jaime ended up with those pages and I doubt they were any good, but what I do remember is how exciting it was to just sit down, collaborate and create. Wish I still had those pages. I remember parts of that story like it was yesterday. The rest is an impenetrable fog.

At around the same time my parents bought our first PC. It was a tiny little thing, less powerful than the computer in our blender right now, but it had a word processor and boy, did it process some words. I’ve lost most of those now too, but some of it still remains lodged in cob-webbed memory in the depths (shallows?) of my brain.

The point of this is that I have always written and will probably always write, but I have a morbid fear of putting myself out there where I can be…judged. There! I’ve said it. Call it ego, call it what you will. Putting this site up and actually going through with having the chance that someone will read things I have written is a terrifying prospect. On the plus side, it does get me writing, so there’s that.

A Bit More About Me (Author Bio)

Andrew J. Savage was born in Australia where they trained him as a lawyer and put him to work. After escaping the sand and the sea, he now lives in Japan with his wife, two children and dog, Max (who has filled the canid-shaped hole in his heart nicely.)



Me talking about me